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If you haven`t seen the miraculous Neuschwanstein castle, you haven´t seen Bavaria! During our day trip you will feel the enchanting atmosphere of Bavaria, enjoy breathtaking landscapes and learn about the most mysterious Bavarian monarch - King Ludwig II.

  • 400 €
(397 votes)

During the walking tour you will visit the landmarks of the Old Town: Marienplatz with its "Glockenspiel", courtyard of the Old Residency, world-famous brewery Hofbräuhaus, Odeonplatz and many other places...You will discover an extraordinary city, its centuries-old traditions and secrets.

  • 120 €
(360 votes)

BMW company is one of the best-known symbols of Munich city. Visiting a futuristic complex BMW World - is must see for all BMW fans. You will learn about past, present and future of the company. All car lovers have a great opportunity to take a group plant tour.

  • 140 €
(200 votes)

Let yourself make a short trip through time and discover Munich in 4 hours. During the bus tour you will enjoy the most impressive streets and squares of Munich. In the walking part you will visit the main landmarks of the Old Town: Marienplatz, Residence, worl-famous beer restaurant Hofbräuhaus...

  • 200 €
(289 votes)

The former imperial town Nuremberg was once the "secret" capital of the Holy Roman Empire and the cradle of the German Renaissance. It is the home of the greatest German artist Albrecht Dürer. It is famous for its Imperial Castle courtyards, the largest in Germany Christmas market, extraordinary fountains.

  • 400 €
(199 votes)

Experience Munich culinary tour to find out the secrets of the Bavarian cuisine. Recipes have been created for centuries and soaked up the traditions of the folk. We will explore the bustling Viktualienmarkt and visit  the world-famous brewery Hofbräuhaus.

  • on request
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