Nuremberg Private Tour

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  • Country: Germany
  • City (Departure): Munich
  • Duration: 9 hours
  • Transport: yes
  • Group members: 1-7
  • Prices (with transport): 600 €
  • Price: 600 €

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Nuremberg - is the second-largest city of Bavaria. The former imperial town Nuremberg was once the "secret" capital of the Holy Roman Empire and the cradle of the German Renaissance. On the walking tour you´ll discover the amazing medieval walled city with its winding alleys, rampants and timbered houses. Nuremberg is the home of the greatest German artist Albrecht Dürer, poet-shoemaker Hans Sachs, genious sculptors of the Middle Ages Adam Kraft and Veit Stoss.

On the tour the guide will take you to visit Imperial Castle courtyards, Gothic churches with their awe-inspiring masterpieces of the German artists, Albrecht-Dürer Platz, the Town Hall, the bustling marketplace where the largest in Germany Christmas market is held in December every year. Nuremberg is famous for its extraordinary fountains, some of which caused scandals in the society. You will taste gingerbread that is made without flour and learn an unusual story about the origin of Nuremberg grilled sausages.

But there was a dark period in the history of Nuremberg. It was a temple city of the Third Reich, and home to both the Nuremberg Nazi rallies and Nuremberg trials. You have an option to visit the Nazi party rally grounds and the Palace of Justice in Nuremberg.



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