Third Reich tour

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  • Country: Germany
  • City: Munich
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Transport: no
  • Entrance fee: no
  • Group members: 1-30
  • Price: 140 €

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Walking tour makes an attempt to explore rise and fall of National Socialism in Germany. You will find out about the history of "Beer Hall Putsch of 1923" and "Munich agreement of 1938", grandiose plans of transforming Munich into the monumental "Capital City of the Movement". We will visit Hofbräuhaus where Hitler proclaimed the programme of NSDAP, Königsplatz where mass party rallies took place, Fields Marshal's Hall where failed Hitler's first attempt to seize the power and other important and evocative sites that played a role during the period when the dark brown shadow fell on the beautiful city. We will talk about the White Rose resistance movement and about the role of art as a tool of Nazi propaganda. We will try to find answers to the troubling questions of history...



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