Beer and Art

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  • Country: Germany
  • City: Munich
  • Duration: 9 hours
  • Transport: yes
  • Entrance fee: 18 €
  • Group members: 1-3 4-7 8-18
  • Prices (with transport): 400 /470/750 €
  • Price: 400 €

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Kuchlbauer is one of the oldest brewery in the world. The right to brew it got in 1300. It is located in a small town Abensberg, 40 kilometers from Regensburg.
Michael Salleck became the owner of the brewery in 1904. He is the founder of the family business with its philosophy: "Beer is a drink for pleasure, it is not produced, it is created." Kuchlbauer brewery specializes in "creating" various sorts of Weissbier and offers excellent beer and that is the source of its success.

Tower Kuchlbauer nowadays is a symbol of brewery Kuchlbauer. It is an architectural project of a world-famous artist and philosopher Fridensreich Hundertwasser. The current owner Leonard Salleck managed to convince Hundertwasser to design the tower telling him that Kuchlbauer Dwarfs needed a place to live. It happened in 1999. But it was only the beginning. Then he had to fight with local officials for ten years and finally in 2010 his dreams came true and the project was realized. Soft rounded forms, dancing windows, uneven floors, onion domes are typical features of Hundertwasser`s style, who always strove to incorporate nature into his buildings. All details are symbolic and sophisticated. A golden dome on the tower´s top symbolizes Paradise. Every curve in the tower tells piece of the story - combining brewery with art. Hundertwasser´s key idea of living in harmony with nature was also realized in this project.

Visiting brewery Kuchlbauer and Kuchlbauer Tower is a great experience. There is a tasting room and outdoor biergarden at the foot of the tower.

Reservation is required

It is possible to combine visiting Kuchlbauer brewery with Regensburg city tour and Wallhala


Hotel pick-up and drop-off
Fully-guided  tour accompanied by an English-speaking guide
Travel in a luxury car or bus

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